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Videoüberwachung von Veranstaltungen via WellnerBOX

Video surveillance for events
Overview, presence and control – the WellnerBOX supports organisers, security forces and police in the decisive of areas efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to many years of experience in a wide range of events, we understand those who are responsible on site and can always deliver a tailor-made solution. Promise …read more

Construction Site Surveillance
Inner-city or construction sites in residential or commercial areas usually rely on an integrated security company for theft protection. In urban and/or confined areas, their measures are often sufficient. Sensors and cameras can provide additional protection for larger areas. The situation is completely different for mobile construction sites such as road construction, railway lines, power lines, routes, etc…read more

Perimeter Security
As an owner or user of large open spaces, you are always faced with the almost unsolvable problem of securing it. Fencing systems are often unsuitable due to the sheer size of the area to be secured and also offer only the – often insufficient – protection against climbing over. The most diverse environmental and terrain conditions additionally complicate the comprehensive use of conventional security technology. Periodic patrols by trained security personnel only have a selective effect. Can you successfully prevent unauthorised entry, vandalism, and theft?…read more…

Theft Protection
The number of thefts and break-ins has not only increased dramatically in Germany in recent years. Losses occur not only on stocks, materials or products, but also due to damage to buildings, doors, windows, fences, vehicles, etc. Even if the perpetrators do not succeed in reaching their objective and stealing goods, the owner seldom fails to replace master key systems or mechanical security devices. Therefore, it is important to prevent the damage before it occurs.…read more…

Property Security
Properties of all kinds, private, commercial or official, are usually surrounded by fences or walls and safeguard possible accesses with various grades and complexity of locking systems. Depending on the assessed security risk and existing parameters, cameras and, in rare cases, motion detectors are installed at critical points. If real assets have to be secured, security service providers may also be involved.
But is this type of property security really sufficient? Is there no “real-time” solution?…read more…

Guard Patrol
Guard patrol and security companies have a good reputation, especially in Germany. Our highly trained and professional personnel take over tasks in security and plant security as well as in the surveillance of private or company premises, facilities of the German Federal Armed Forces and events. More and more, the use of a “simple” security service on site is not the only option, but complete security solutions are taking over. This includes the use of camera systems, alarm and signalling systems and of course the personnel themselves. Complete security is achieved when all elements are able to combine their respective strengths…read more…

Mobile Video Surveillance
To better meet the special requirements of mobile video surveillance at major events, we have developed a new model of our security solution specifically for this need: as light, mobile + flexible as possible, without neglecting the most important principles of video surveillance:

perfect & high-resolution images, day and night – reliably and available for live viewing

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