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Autarke Baustellenüberwachung mit WellnerBOX

Construction sites in residential or commercial areas usually rely on a security company to supervise the construction site. In urban and/or confined areas, their measures are often sufficient. Sensors and cameras can provide additional protection for larger areas.

Construction site surveillance as a challenge

The situation is completely different for mobile construction sites such as road construction, railway lines, power lines, routes, etc. These areas are remote enough to be an ideal target for theft or vandalism. Perpetrators feel they are not being watched, patrolling security guards or approaching security forces can be detected from afar and evaded. Portable fence systems, if any, are simply crossed. Permanently installed camera technology cannot guarantee adequate protection on frequently changing locations and in surveillance zones with changing conditions. A lack of power supply and network connection quickly pose a problem for previous standard technical solutions. How should a modern construction site monitoring system look like?

Construction site surveillance, temporary or permanent

The WellnerBOX works independently of supply networks, in any terrain and even under the adverse conditions of an outdoor construction site. Protected against dust and splash water, the sensor unit reliably protects parked construction vehicles, stored materials and installations currently under construction. Easy to transport with existing means (by car trailer, crane or skip container truck), the WellnerBOX can easily accompany a moving construction site, tool storage and storage areas and remains 100% ready to use at all times even without new installation or maintenance measures. The ability to act live in the event of an incident, not only by notifying the security service, but also by detecting suspicious persons with a dome camera and spotlights, addressing them via loudspeakers and recording their behaviour is part of the innovative security concept.

The WellnerBOX is easy and time-saving to operate, making it ideally suited for the temporary monitoring of goods on construction sites, e.g. delivered material, to be used a few days later. The WellnerBOX can then be used elsewhere or on another site.

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