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Effiziente Freilandsicherung mit WellnerBOX

As an owner or user of large open areas, you are always faced with the almost unsolvable problem of securing it. Fencing systems are often unsuitable due to the sheer size of the area to be secured and also offer only the – often insufficient – protection against climbing over. The most diverse environmental and terrain conditions additionally complicate the comprehensive use of conventional security technology. Periodic patrols by trained security personnel only have a selective effect.

Perimeter Security with WellnerBOX

Can you successfully prevent unauthorised entry, vandalism, and theft?

Of course you can! The WellnerBOX is compact, transportable, durable and weatherproof, ideal for outdoor use. Thanks to its self-sufficient energy supply and low-maintenance operation, it can also be used far away from a supply source – day, night and throughout the year.

The mixture of solar panels, fuel cells and efficient battery systems allows the system to be active and alert in continuous operation for months.

Sensor technology and real-time reaction for perimeter security

The Wellner-BOX sensors reliably secure your area within a radius of 30 metres. Modular extensions can extend this radius for outdoor protection or allow it to have a large-area effect by setting up perimeter networks.

In the event of an incident, a live response is possible, potential perpetrators can be recorded with cameras and addressed from the control desk via positioned loudspeakers in places and at times when they previously felt unobserved.

WellnerBOX is your solution for all kinds of perimeter security Inquire now!

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