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Diebstahlschutz mittels WellnerBOX

The number of thefts and break-ins has not only increased dramatically in Germany in recent years. Losses occur not only on stocks, materials or products, but also due to damage to buildings, doors, windows, fences, vehicles, etc. Even if the perpetrators do not succeed in reaching their objective and stealing goods, the owner seldom fails to replace master key systems or mechanical security devices.

Theft protection as damage prevention

On top of all the hassle and financial losses, every incident also increases the insurance premiums for the property.

Instead of relying exclusively on classic mechanical anti-theft devices such as padlocks or fences, it makes sense in the mid-term to take precautions against damage and deter the perpetrators from doing so. But how?

The WellnerBOX is your omnipresent round-the-clock solution for preventive theft protection with high deterrent power. A customisable, striking and durable design makes every potential burglar aware of the all-round protection and the innovative 360° sensor system detects everything. If the perpetrators are bold enough, they will be dissuaded from their endeavour by live communication & reaction and each of their actions will be recorded.

WellnerBOX prevents damage before it occurs!

Under the title ‘Die WellnerBox – Eine Box gegen Einbrecher’, the MDR inventors magazine ‘Einfach Genial’ recently reported about us:

Eine Box gegen Einbrecher | Einfach genial | MDR
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