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Veranstaltungsüberwachung via WellnerBOX

A WellnerBOX ‘mobile’ has for years been used very successfully for video surveillance of events. Durable and light-weight, the system can be transported with any car equipped with trailer coupling, picked up by the user and easily assembled. The integrated telescopic mast provides a perfect overview and can be used at different heights.
We rely on state-of-the-art IP-HD cameras with superior video sensors, which provide their users – organisers, security service providers, police, etc. – with extended possibilities.

Provide meaningful support to local security forces

  • Supply-independent surveillance of complete events, including events lasting several days / several weeks
  • Use at Christmas markets, Oktoberfest, fairs and regional festivals
  • Visitor flow surveillance and regulation through control staff 
  • Video surveillance / live streaming / recording of demonstrations / rallies / police operations
  • More overview for security forces, e.g. in entrance zones, access areas, crossings, etc.
  • More control at open air events (number of spectators, movements, workload, positioning of emergency personnel, etc.)
  • Mobile safety solution for sports competitions in large outdoor areas (slopes, running tracks, supply points, checkpoints, start and finish areas) 
WellnerBOX Videoüberwachung für Veranstaltungen

Video surveillance with reduced transport, service & cost expenditures

  • Minimised transport costs for self-collectors (car with trailer coupling & driving licence class B are sufficient)
  • Modular power supply through long-life batteries (2-4 days) / fuel cells / 230 V
  • IP66 protection degree, vandalism-proof housing, weight <750 kg
  • Durable telescopic poles with flexible heights of up to 9 metres
  • Preconfigured, customer-friendly plug-and-play system
  • Light and mobile and can also be positioned without technical equipment
  • Encrypted data transmission in real time via integrated GSM / UMTS / LTE modem
  • Directional radio connections and LAN direct connection are possible

Complete solution offers comprehensive overview

  • 360° detection range thanks to zooming, rotating and swivelling high-speed camera and extended viewing angle from 2.3° (zoom) to 63.7° (max)
  • Parallel streaming + evaluable recordings by means of integrated video recorder
  • Connection to emergency call and operations centres & video control stations: Guard tours / real-time response / reaction force management
  • State-of-the-art camera hardware & software ensures good visibility in darkness, fog, heavy rain, backlight, vibrations, etc.
  • Intelligent video diagnostics: Private zones, alarm areas, people counting, motion detection & tracking and much more
  • Adaptable interfaces + configurable software features, e.g. for the integration of further safety technology
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