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WellnerBOX Application Scenarios - Teaser

Application scenarios of the WellnerBOX

Experience from hundreds of construction site monitoring assignments has taught us that the requirements are similar, but never completely identical. So you can’t assume that a standard solution will automatically meet all the desired requirements, but that adaptations are and will remain everyday rather than exceptional. Therefore, the WellnerBOX system is modularly expandable.


SSK and WellnerBOX catches construction site thief

Successful use of the WellnerBox Since April 2016, the Lusatian security company SSK Security has been guarding a large construction site in Belgium, where wind turbines are being built. In addition to fence systems and on-site security personnel, SSK decided to use four WellnerBOX systems to supplement its own personnel…

Baustellenüberwachung Mieten

Construction site surveillance for rent

A construction site is a temporary event (Berlin Airport will also be finished as a construction site once) and thus the subject of site supervision must always be regarded as limited in time. To do justice to this fact, we offer the WellnerBOX system in different variants as a rentable…

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