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Advantages Of Construction Site Surveillance With WellnerBOX

Advantages of construction site surveillance with WellnerBOX

A few years ago, a system like the WellnerBOX was still an unfamiliar figure in the security market. With the growing interest in mobile video surveillance, other companies have moved into this area and offered their own site surveillance systems.

Customers therefore ask themselves why they should use a WellnerBOX and not another “video tower” or any other alternative system. The answer can easily be given with the same advantages of our system that have always distinguished us from systems of our competitors in the past and present: 100% independence from external power sources and the robust false alarm optimized usability:

Advantages of the WellnerBOX system

100% Self-sufficient

The most important feature of our WellnerBOX and thus the decisive difference to most other systems is that we can carry out construction site surveillance completely without an external power source. Thanks to the innovative self-sufficient power supply concept, a WellnerBOX is fully equipped to operate 365 days a year without an external 230V connection or a diesel generator for regular recharging of the batteries. No matter how isolated, difficult to reach or impassable a construction site is, the WellnerBOX is and remains self-sufficient. Demolishing construction power supply, constant monitoring of the mains supply or similar does not have to be checked and guaranteed by responsible electricians, site managers or security guards. This was precisely the reason why it often failed in the past and supply gaps occurred. A problem in the information chain which is not a problem for WellnerBOX users.

100% Durable

On construction sites there is often a somewhat rougher handling of technology and again and again elements, containers, materials, machines are moved or have to keep pace with moving construction phases. We are aware of these facts and have given the system a suitable basis. Instead of relying on shaky, (too) light or unstable solutions, a WellnerBOX is based on a solid, fully welded steel container, which reliably protects the interior and superstructure and also ensures the appropriate sabotage and theft of its own.

Of course the WellnerBOX system is well protected against dust, dirt, mud, wetness, cold, heat etc. and therefore suitable for use in any terrain, anywhere – anytime!

100% Efficient

Detection range of a WellnerBOX in standard design

Detection range of a WellnerBOX in standard design

As a partner to a large number of security companies as well as direct users of the WellnerBOX, we know exactly what matters. Therefore, the all-in-one solution is consistently optimized for its use as a mobile outdoor solution and all components have been suitably selected or produced in-house. In principle, every WellnerBOX “classic” is equally equipped, builds on the same basis, carries the same video head, is mobile, self-sufficient and thus more than equal to its core tasks. Sensor data and camera images can be sent to any operations and video control center, without restrictions in the choice of security service provider or problems when connecting with governmental security agencies such as the police. Software and hardware are designed to extremely reduce false alarms and thus facilitate the work of security personnel. In the event of a real alarm, users and security service providers alike can rely on the stable and efficient live use of WellnerBOX components – guaranteed!

100% Reliable

We deliberately do not use external motion detectors which have to be placed on tripods or similar, as their position in relation to the dome camera can be changed intentionally or unintentionally by persons at any time. External motion detectors are quickly switched once on a construction site because they are in the way, or driven over. Time and again, the position or the location must be checked by trained personnel – not with our WellnerBOX. In principle, the effort for a security service is very low, since all functions can be checked remotely. Once installed, a WellnerBOX requires little maintenance for weeks / months / years. There is therefore no need for regular on-site visits to maintain technical readiness.

What has to be considered when using a WellnerBOX for site surveillance?

Excerpt from the operating instructions of a WellnerBOX "classic".

Excerpt from the operating instructions of a WellnerBOX “classic”.

In addition to a functioning mobile radio coverage (GPRS or higher) at the WellnerBOX site, the areas to be monitored should be within a radius of approximately 30 metres around our system and not covered by large objects / buildings. Excessive tree growth directly in the area to be monitored is not optimal and may have to be pruned. When using long-range detectors, the detection strips must be visible. Arming and disarming times must be defined in writing between guard and end user.

The base of a WellnerBOX should be flat, the surface itself is almost irrelevant. Trained operators of a WellnerBOX can implement it independently on construction sites, taking a few specifications into account.

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