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More than just a construction site camera

  • 3. March 2015
What requirements must a construction site camera meet to successfully protect the site from theft and vandalism? We address the technical characteristics of typical representatives of their kind and point out solutions.

Innovative Video Surveillance – Virtual Guard Patrols

  • 30. January 2015
A Virtual Guard Patrol does not make security personnel unemployed and is not the only alternative to personnel patrols, but complements and expands the possibilities of guard protection. In the following we will look at common security concepts and show integration possibilities of innovative video surveillance.

Safety for primary suppliers – water and sewage works

  • 28. August 2014
Primary utilities, which include not only power, gas and communication facilities, but above all water and sewage works, are essential to the functioning of our complex traffic, economic and social infrastructure. A failure of the same or the failure of individual sites and facilities over large areas not only leads to supply shortages, but also goes hand in hand with high economic losses.
WellnerBOX Auf Den DLG Feldtagen (Quelle

Perimeter security at events

  • 15. July 2014
Major outdoor and outdoor events place high demands on the security concept and require mobile and self-sufficient technical solutions. We present current applications of the WellnerBOX.

Innovation in monitoring technology

  • 11. June 2014
From initial considerations for avoiding false alarms to all-in-one monitoring solutions. How the idea of the WellnerBOX emerged from a customer enquiry and turned it into a mobile innovation solution.
Die WellnerBOX Auf Dem 8. Wirtschaftstag In Machern

WellnerBOX is presented

  • 15. May 2014
The WellnerBOX is presented at the 8th Business Day for Leipzig / Altenburg, the 6th VfS Congress and the in-house exhibition in Gerichshain. The high level of popularity confirmed our concept and gave us new impetus for the further development of the system.

Reduction of false alarms

  • 21. March 2014
Anyone who deals with security technology, be it designers, manufacturers, service providers, security guard services or government security forces, will inevitably have to deal with false alarms.
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