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At major events such as the renowned Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof, it is particularly important from the point of view of organisers and security service providers to keep an overview at all times and to identify potential hazards at an early stage. Many people crowd at rush hours: before, during and after events, in limited areas and on narrow paths, danger zones inevitably arise. Just think of demonstrations, markets, festivals, concerts, football matches and of course all other sporting events.

The more security experts become aware of a possible problem and react appropriately, the more likely it is that it can be circumvented or eliminated without damage to property or personal injury. For some time now, mast mounted cameras have been used for this purpose. Mounted at a height of several meters, one receives real-time information about the flow of people, information that could not be obtained by security forces positioned in the middle of the crowd.

Statt of rigid cameras with fixed viewing angle or fixed programmed pans, you can rely on dome cameras, which can be aligned to any point and thanks to intelligent zoom and modern recognition software can also detect distant people and potentially dangerous objects, etc.. From the control station, either an announcement is made, the participants are addressed directly or security personnel are put on the march and, thanks to the live camera image, they are guided precisely to the appropriate location / to the persons involved.

However, what happens if streams of visitors change unexpectedly, the site is/becomes confusing or everything takes place far away from supply networks? How can safety be reliably ensured under such circumstances?

The best solution offers an especially flexible & mobile video surveillance

As a good example for the efficiency of such a mobile video surveillance, one can cite the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof which took place from 05 to 08 January as a good example. Under the sovereignty of VSU Thuringia and in close cooperation with the Suhl police and the organizer of the international event, we set up a WellnerBOX exactly at the neuralgic point of the streams of visitors. Thanks to a state-of-the-art video camera, the security forces had a “live” view of everything and could oversee all access routes, tents and event technology.

The night vision capable, 360° swivelling and digitally zoomable dome camera did not hide anything, small scuffles were already recognized in the beginning and prevented. During the night hours, vehicles and persons could be detected and their authorization checked without several security forces permanently keeping watch at all access areas.

“The use of the mobile box has caused a lot of positive feedback and “excitement”. The participating colleagues of the police and the LKA as well as the responsible persons of the organizer expressed a lot of praise about the quality of the pictures and the technical possibilities.”
Wolfgang Kestner, GF SWSg Sachsen / VSU Thüringen

Prominent positioned, the WellnerBOX caused quite a stir and gave all visitors a better feeling of security. At the same time, the knowledge that you will be seen live in your work on the World Cup grounds, as expected, had a deterrent effect, so that possible disruptive projects were avoided and all those present were able to experience top sporting performances undisturbed. The people responsible on site were very satisfied and convinced by our innovative approach and the clearly recognisable added value and already promised us the cooperation for 2018.

We are sure that the combination of state-of-the-art mobile video surveillance technology and TOP-trained security personnel will continue to be the right solution for events in the future.

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