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Rose Monday parades are the big highlight every year for all carnival lovers. One of the best known and at the same time the largest of its kind in the “new” federal states, is the Cottbus Carnival Parade, which, interestingly enough, always takes place on the Sunday before. In 2017, this top event celebrated its 26th anniversary and once again attracted tens of thousands of visitors to Lusatia. The spectators were crowded in several rows along the route across the city centre of Cottbus. 66 canoe clubs had announced themselves, radio and press were plentiful and the RBB even broadcast live. So there was no lack of attention.

If such major events are planned, all security aspects must always be kept in mind. Such a mass of people, accompanied by many vehicles, music, singing, shouts of joy and a colourful frenzy of colourful robes is difficult to overlook and even more difficult to protect from potential dangers. The organiser, KVL / CAL (Carnival Association Lusatia), is now a professional and can rely on the cooperation of experts from security service providers and the police. And even though there is always a lot to prepare for on the 3500 m long parade track, a few months earlier they felt they were well prepared for 2017.

In order to avoid incidents such as the terrible terrorist attack at the Berlin Christmas market last December during the Cottbus carnival procession, the organizer thoroughly revised and expanded the concept once again. The security measures were massively expanded and everything was done to deny potential perpetrators access and opportunities. The number of police and security forces was increased, 3 mobile guards were set up along the moving route, lorries and their drivers were checked, reaction and rescue forces were provided in sufficient numbers and much more. And the technical side of security? There were also obvious changes here, including blocking access roads and side streets with massive steel containers and disposal vehicles. In order to keep an overview of everything at all times, SSK Security, an experienced security service provider from the region and partner of Wellner GmbH for years, decided to use the latest video surveillance technology.

“The setup of the camera is relatively quick and easy with 2 men. Once set up, you know how to do it. The connection via LAN cable worked very well, image stability was given. The system overflowed the entire move and there were no significant camera failures.”  Christopher Jung, technical employee / SSK Security GmbH

Our WellnerBOX “mobil”, specially designed for these applications, offered an obvious solution. Ideally positioned at the centre of the move and close to the operations and control centre, the camera and sensors were switched from the top of the telescopic mast during the full 8 hours of data and images. Thanks to the zoom and pan function, individual areas / carts / persons could be detected and inspected.

At this event, the WellnerBOX “mobil” was once again able to convince with useful features suitable for everyday use. These include, for example, the simple, uncomplicated construction, the problem-free networking with the operation and control centres, the compact dimensions, whereby our solution for mobile video surveillance can also be quickly repositioned by hand and even during operation.

“The structure as well as the total logistic effort of the box were very uncomplicated and low. The image transfer to the laptop worked smoothly and there were no further disturbances or even failures during the entire operation (approx. 8h).”. Cindy Peters, Veranstaltungsmanagement / SSK Security GmbH

In retrospect, the concept worked out very well, all participants and visitors experienced the “foolish” climax of the year and the Berlin-Brandenburg police were satisfied to draw the following conclusions:

“From a police point of view, the carnival procession took place without any special events.”

We have learnt a lot from this assignment as well, knowledge that flows into the permanent optimization of our system solution. The next events for this year are already just around the corner, but who knows, maybe we’ll be back in Cottbus in 2018, at the “Train of Happy People”.

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