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Thefts on construction sites are increasing more and more. In addition to the damage caused by the theft of materials and equipment, it is above all the rabid and often unnecessarily destructive actions of the perpetrators that lead to economic losses and a lot of trouble. Even if there is hardly anything to steal, unauthorized entry can seriously damage and affect fences, doors, gates, windows, etc. If the criminals find too little worthwhile stolen goods in their eyes, they often leave out their frustration at the local facilities and buildings and destroy them deliberately or indiscriminately. This is particularly precarious and regrettable for listed buildings.

Professional “passive” protection of material, tools and things already installed is not sufficient. Any damage must be prevented at the outset, and safety must be allowed to have a preventive effect. It was precisely with this approach that VSU SWSG approached the construction project ” Castle Church Wittenberg”. Like Wittenberg himself, this unique ensemble has been the focus of important events for centuries, not least because of Luther’s famous 95 theses. Much energy, money and work had already been invested in the renovation and careful modernisation of historic buildings, which would now be continued by the forthcoming construction of a complete new wing.

It quickly became clear that a construction site as complex & large as the Wittenberg Castle Church ensemble could not be effectively and permanently protected by patrols and security personnel deployed at several fixed points alone. Instead, the security concept was based on a combination of surveillance technology, available emergency personnel and a 24-hour guard video control centre. Our company took over the technical part and provided the required number of WellnerBOXes. Depending on the size of the construction site and the storage areas, between 3 and 5 containers were always in use, whose sensors and cameras the control centre could access in real time, e.g. to initiate virtual guard tours.

Our surveillance solutions stood in narrow passages, on open spaces, next to material stores, on building containers, on masonry centuries old and new. These positions changed several times over the months, in line with construction progress. This once again confirmed the great strengths of the WellnerBOX: flexibility, mobility and self-sufficiency. The BOXes could simply be moved with existing transport equipment without the need for constant calibrations or newly laid / restored supply lines. Security gaps did not arise in the first place. While incidents often occur with other objects and potential perpetrators at least test how far they can go undisturbed, the was spared burglaries, theft, sabotage and vandalism during the construction period.

Today the castle church and its annex shine in fresh splendour and await the many thousands of visitors who want to use the Luther year 2017 to visit this famous place.

We are proud to have made our small contribution to the trouble-free completion of such an attractive property and look forward to the next exciting project.

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