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Robust, reliable, tried and tested, the classic version of the WellnerBOX has been in use for years. Developers, security services, energy producers and transport companies alike rely on the unique TOP features of this security solution. The WellnerBOX “classic” fully welded steel container was designed with protection against internal theft and sabotage in mind. In addition, the solid housing serves as the means of transport and the basis of the highly efficient and environmentally-friendly photovoltaic panels. 

Areas of application of the WellnerBOX “classic”

  • Monitoring of stationary construction sites and their machine, vehicle, and material storage areas
  • Support of moving construction sites, e. g. on railways, roads, supply lines, etc.
  • Securing of open spaces such as parking areas, storage areas, pastures, enclosures, open-air event areas, barriers and signalling systems, crossings, etc.
  • Protection against trespassing, vandalism and theft for energy suppliers, wind and hydroelectric power plants, substations, power stations, conveyors, etc.
  • Preventive theft protection, including live response & reaction for private and company property
  • Securing of any kind of property, building access and restricted areas
  • Technical services for security companies and security services
Prädestiniert zur Baustellenüberwachung
Präventiver Diebstahlschutz
Sabotageschutz am Umspannwerk
Verladung der "classic"-Modelle

Technical Features of the WellnerBOX “classic”

  • Reliable movement detection in a 30-metre radius – day and night
  • 360° detection range thanks to zoom, rotate and tilt high-speed dome camera
  • Evaluable recordings by means of integrated video recorder
  • Equipped with standard video head with 4 motion detectors | 2 loudspeakers | 4 infrared spotlights | 1 dome camera | modular extensions possible
  • Flexible power supply with up to 100% self-sufficient operation through 230V connection |
  • High-performance batteries | fuel cells | photovoltaic package or a combination thereof
  • Fail-safe data transmission in real time due to integrated GSM / UMTS / LTE modem
  • IP66 protection rating, vandal-resistant housing, weight approx. 1300 kg

TOP features of the WellnerBOX “classic”

  • Designed for motion detection Designed for motion detection
    • 30 meter radius monitoring
    • Optional: long distance detector with 150 metres range
    • Reliable detection by day / night / adverse weather conditions
  • link to emergency call and dispatch centres (video control centre) possible
    • conduct virtual guard patrols
    • respond in real-time
    • precise deployment of reaction forces
    • extremely low false alarm rate
  • Modular interfaces
    • Effortless expansion of sensor technology
    • Use of different camera models depending on the application
    • Integration of existing security systems
    • Interlinking of several WellnerBOXes
  • Fully welded solid steel container as base
    • stable and vibration-free base for motion and video sensors
    • uncompromising permanent protection of the entire construction and technical components at all temperatures / rain / wind / ice / ice / snow / dust
    • robust enough for rough outdoor and construction site applications
    • increased protection against internal theft and sabotage
  • Various transport options
    • Simple repositioning / moving by means of existing machine technology (lift trucks, forklifts, cranes, wheel loaders, etc.)
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