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A WellnerBOX “mobile” is mainly used for mobile video surveillance. Robust and light-weight, the system can be transported with any car equipped with trailer coupling, picked up by the user and easily assembled. The integrated telescopic mast perfectly supports video surveillance of events and also covers other application areas thanks to the use of a full video head. All in all, the WellnerBOX “mobile” offers the user even more flexible possibilities and enables immediate deployment with very low transport, service and cost expenditure.

Areas of application of the WellnerBOX “mobile”

  • Real-time monitoring of public areas
  • Documentation of police activities
  • Video surveillance of demonstrations and rallies
  • Proactive monitoring of seasonal events, such as New Year’s Eve | carnival (such as the Cottbus carnival procession)
  • Regulation of visitor flows at regional festivals, such as fairs | weekly and Christmas markets | Oktoberfest
  • Live monitoring of cultural events, such as jubilees | concerts | festivals
  • Security during sporting competitions, even in remote and outside areas (e. g. at the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof)
Eine WellnerBOX entsteht
Einsatzbereite WellnerBOXen
WellnerBOX auf dem Tag der Sachsen
WellnerBOX mobil mit 8m Mast

Technical features of the WellnerBOX “mobile”

  • 360° detection range thanks to zoom, rotate and tilt high-speed dome camera
  • Evaluable recordings by means of integrated video recorder
  • Equipped with standard video head with 4 motion detectors | 2 loudspeakers | 4 infrared spotlights | 1 dome camera | modular extensions possible
  • Self-sufficient & modular power supply with high-performance batteries and fuel cells
  • Fail-safe data transmission in real time due to integrated GSM / UMTS / LTE modem
  • IP66 protection degree, vandalism-proof housing, weight <750 kg
  • Robust telescopic mast with a maximum height of 9 metres

TOP features of the WellnerBOX “mobile”

  • preconfigured video head
    • on-site technician not absolutely necessary
  • can be assembled on vehicle trailers
    • transportable with any vehicle and Class B driver’s licence
  • sophisticated construction
    • set-up and dismantling possible by only 1 trained person
  • easy handling
    • operational in under 30 minutes
  • light & portable design
    • trouble-free repositioning / moving even without the use of technology
  • link to emergency call and dispatch centres (video control centre) possible
    • conduct virtual guard patrols
    • real-time response
    • precise deployment of reaction forces
  • well thought-out power supply
    • monitor entire events without power supply
  • flexible operating height
    • operating height up to 4 meters = also ideal for motion sensors
    • operating height from 4 to 9 meters = greater overview and zoom for mobile video surveillance
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